Our Services

Domiciliary Care

Personal and functional care tailored to meet the needs of individuals who wishes to continue living in their own homes.

Home Management

Tailored to each person’s individual needs through a structured care and support plan empowering each takes control of their lives.

Specialist Care

Our carers will support with a wide range of complex care conditions for individuals with specific disabilities or illness.

Domiciliary Care Services

For those coming out of the hospital, assistance in the comfort of home is a reassuring option rather than an extended stay in a hospital setting. Our Carers can help with a range of tasks in supporting you maintain your independence while achieving your goals. Our Carers provides personal care for people who need extra support with their activities of daily lives, and or maintaining a habitable home environment.

Washing/showering/bathing and dressing
Continence care support
Meal preparation and feeding
Medication Prompts and Administration
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Need Domiciliary Care?

Speak to our management team for individual care and support interventions.

Friendly Price Package

Low cost individually tailored care packages, catering for your care needs.

Specialist Care Services

We provide specialist care for people with a wide range of complex care conditions for individuals with specific disabilities or illness who need extra support with their activities of daily lives, maintaining a habitable home environment, managing and maintaining nutrition. These tasks may be undertaken only following appropriate risk assessments and specific training by a trainer with a relevant qualification.

Motor Neurones Disease
Learning and Physical Disability
Dementia Care & Alzheimer’s
End of life Palliative & Respite care
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Home Management Services

Our Staff provides help for Clients living on their own who need extra help with running a number of errands. We stand in the gap for you if require someone trustworthy to give you a helping hand with none personal care related task such as light housekeeping tasks to ensure that you are living in a safe home environment. We will provide a flexible approach to caring, giving as much or as little help, maintain your independence. 

General help such as running errands
Signposting and personalised help
Light housekeeping tasks
Companionship and transportation
For Trustworthy Support

Our carers are vetted and trained to a very high est standards.

Friendly Price Package

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Supported Living Care Services

Our support is tailored to each person’s individual needs through a structured care and support plan. We support people to live more independently and we actively encourage the individuals we support to discover new skills. We support individuals to live in the community in homes they may already own or rent and we have strong relationships with a number of landlords with suitable properties for young people and or individuals with mobility challenges.

Autistic spectrum conditions
Learning and Physical Disability
Mental health challenges
Mild conditions

Respite Care At Home

Caring for someone you love can leave you exhausted and requiring a break, our trained staff can step in to leave you enjoy a well-deserved short break.

Palliative Care at Home

Our staff are trained to support individuals with illness that cannot be cured, making you as comfortable as possible as we manage your pain and other distressing symptoms.

Companion Care

We offer emotional support for elderly individuals who are generally healthy but are lonely and requires help and assistance to live independent.

Reablement Care

This temporary care is called intermediate care, reablement or aftercare. We can provide short term care while you recover from an illness or an operation.

Housekeeping Support

Our carers can support with the management of duties and chores involved in the running of a household, such as cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, shopping, and bill payment.

Live-in Care

We have fully trained carer available to support with live-in care services. Our live-in carer will support you with your specific needs to keep you comfortable and independent at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rates?

We charge a flat rate per hour of service depending on which service you need. We will clarify with you before your care starts how much your services will cost to ensure that there is no confusion.

Do I pay the carer myself or do I pay you?

You will receive an invoice from Naveed Medicare Ltd and pay us directly. All of the Carers at Naveed Medicare Ltd are employees of Naveed Medicare Ltd, so we will pay them taking care of all the taxes and insurances as required.

Will I have a different carer showing up each visit?

No we are dedicated to finding two or three caregivers that are right for you and are dedicated to you. Depending on how many hours you use our service per week and which services you require will depend on how many caregivers you will have. Our caregivers are very important to us and their clients and we want to make sure they have personal time to regain their energy so they can be the most helpful for you.

How long will a carer stay with me?

Our carers will stay for as long as you need granted that your service package covers it. In the case your usual carer is off or on holiday we will send another carer that you are familiar with.

Can we change our duty times or what services we have?

Of course, our service user’s needs change all the time. We work closely with service users and their families to provide the care that is right for you. This could mean changing duty times, increasing or decreasing the amount of care required and changing the service given all together.

What happens if my regular care worker is sick/has an emergency or is on holiday

If your regular care worker is sick/has an emergency or is on holiday. We will certainly supply a highly qualified alternative care worker who has visited you before and already knows you, that can pick up where your regular care worker left off. In the case that we would need to send you a new care worker, before sending them we will contact you to let you know that someone new is visiting and to tell you a little about them.

"Since our establishment in 2012, we have grown to be one of the leading healthcare providers in the South London and surrounding areas, offering quality care and outstanding facilities. Our Domiciliary care packages are uniquely designed to meet different levels of care needs from the simple to the more complex needs"
Naveed Medicare Ltd
Registered Manager
Naveed Medicare came to the rescue when we needed care very quickly. We received fabulous care & support after mum breaking her hip and they made my mum coming home an easy process. Highly recommended!
Joan's Daughter

Maintaining Our Standards

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the UK independent regulator of health and social care. They monitor, inspect and regulate services we provide to ensure they meet agreed fundamental standards of quality and safety